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On November 19, 2018, the Peifer family delivered their seventh child in their home under the care of Certified Professional Midwife, Jennifer Lucas O'Briant. 

The Peifer's are part of the 1% of expectant parents in the US choosing planned home birth for their labor and delivery.

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Dad, Jeremy, explains to daughter, Gabby (7), what to expect in the hours to come. 

"There's going to be blood," he says, "but there's blood in everything we do." 

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Certified Professional Midwife, Jennifer Lucas O'Briant, prepares a pot of boiling water to maintain the optimal temperature of the water birth tub.

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In the span of 60 seconds, laboring mom, Dee, goes through the stages of contractions: the creeping onset, crescendo of pain, and sweet relief.

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Even with all of the children present, mom and dad are still able to slip away to share a tender moment between contractions.

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Daughter Anna (12) serves as the "ceremonial doula" for her laboring mom throughout the day, strengthening her mother with tender embraces and words of encouragement.

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Warm water serves as a natural epidural to fight the pain that comes with labor.

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Jennifer also assumes a teacher role throughout the day, answering the kids' array of questions surrounding mom's labor.

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Jeremy supports his wife physically and emotionally as the birth draws closer.

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After 12 hours of labor, Dee wears exhaustion, love, and relief at the birth of her son.

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Jeremy enjoys some bonding time with his son while Dee delivers the after birth.

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Baby Josh is quickly given skin-to-skin time with mom.

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Jennifer performs a newborn exam with Josh, checking his reflexes and measurements.

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Josh spends the rest of the night meeting the family and nursing with mom.